Visual Studio 2005 – Disabling the New Ctrl+Tab Menu

August 31, 2006 at 12:43 pm | Posted in Coding | 16 Comments

One of the few things I disliked about Visual Studio 2005 is the new Ctrl+Tab menu they added, which works sort of like Alt-Tab in Windows, but is fairly useless in an IDE – it just slows down Ctrl+Tab operation by requiring you to release both Control and Tab each time you want to change documents, so you can’t just hold Control and quickly Tab through open documents.

Thankfully, today I found out how to disable that – Tools > Options, then Environment > Keyboard.  Once there, remove the bindings for Window.NextDocumentWindowNav and Window.PreviousDocumentWindowNav, then assign Ctrl+Tab to Window.NextDocumentWindow and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to Window.PreviousDocumentWindow – hit OK, and you’re good to go 🙂

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